Schottel Propulsion

This propulsion system was invented by the Schottel Yard in the 1950's and being installed for the first time on a tug back in 1967.

Usually two Schottel Rudder Propellers (SRP) are mounted in the first third of a tug below the keel. Both units can be rotated independently from each other. This tug design is called 'Tractor Tug'. The first FAIRPLAY tug with Schottel propulsion is FAIRPLAY II built in 1974. The tractor tug is highly manoeuverable and able to come to a complete stop from full ahead within one ship’s length.

Alternatively the two SRP's can also be mounted underneath the stern of a tug. This design is called ASD 'Azimuthal Stern Drive Tug'. FAIRPLAY has in total 6 tugs in service featuring this design. The ASD tugs offer a better course stability so that this type of tug is ideal for coastal towages and offshore works.