Fairplay - Our Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

FAIRPLAY commits itself an all employees to strictly follow and observe any rule and definiton manifested in the comany's HSE manuals:


  • Quality & Environmental Protection Managment Sytem (QEMS)

  • Safety Management Manual (acc. to ISM Code) which also serve as the basis for the following extracted commitments:

  • Enforcement of the HSE policy within all levels of the company

  • Provide for sage practice in ship operation and a safe working environment

  • Establish safeguards against all identifed risks

  • Avoidance and prevention of possible hazards and accidents to health or the environment.

  • Strict observation of all applicable rules, regulations, laws codes and procedures

  • Continuously improve safety-management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection

  • Continuous improvement of our services towards customers under specific consideration of HSE issues

  • Orders given by customers will be handled strictly as per terms and condition agreed with the client and in strict accordance with Fairplay's HSE system

  • Regular "Management Reviews" for evaluation of adequacy and efficiency of Fairplay's HSE system correspondingly, the definition of objectives and targets

General Definition of Objectives

  • We take all necessary steps to prevent people from being hurt, when rendering our services.

  • When we render our services, we observe all relevant safety regulations and standards.

  • Our safety culture is not compromising on any safety issues

  • We will fulfill our operational tasks in a way, which is not harmful to the environment.

  • We will maintain our Health, Safety and Environment System in a reasonable way


Our Targets

Our targets for the following year are:


  • Reduction of documented incidents by at least 10 % per annum.

  • Improvement of our Environmental Program on basis of the data and experiences gained in preceeding periods

  • Continuous improvement of our Health, Safety and Environment Plan

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