Fairplay - Our Commitment to Quality Services

FAIRPLAY commits itself and all employees to strictly follow and observe rules and definition manifested in the "Quality Management System", which also serves as basis for the following extracted commitments:


  • Orders given by customers will be handled strictly as per terms and conditions agreed with the client and in strict accordance with Fairplay’s Quality Management System

  • Continuous improvement of our services towards customers under specific consideration of environmental issues

  • Enforcement of the Quality Management System within all levels of the company including necessary documentation and definition of future targets

  • Necessary commitments are laid down in working instructions, shipboard instructions, circulars and a separate environmental proctection program.

  • Avoidance and prevention of possible hazards and accidents to health or the environment.
  • Strict observation of all applicable rules, regulations, laws, codes and procedures

  • Regular "Management Reviews" for evaluation of adequacy and efficiency of Fairplay’s "Quality Management System" and correspondingly, the definition of targets


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